Darci Wig

Optimism Integrity & Contentment, LLC


MATERIAL: Human Hair Blend Wig
TYPE: Lace front wig

  • Realistic Human Hair Look & Feel
  • Salon Finished Bang Cut
  • Made with Human Hair Optimix: outre's unique blend of human hair with premium synthetic fibers that mimic the look & feel of human hair.
  • Oval Bang
  • Realistic Human hair Look & Feel
  • Wide Variety of Colors
Tips & Tricks
  • For curly styles, finger comb gently from the tips to roots. Avoid brushing or combing curly hair when dry.
  • For straight styles, brush through the hair from the tips to roots, as needed, to prevent the hair from tangling and matting.
  • When curling the hair with heat styling tools, we recommend holding the hair in the tool for at least 10 seconds, and holding the curl to cool for at least 5 seconds to ensure that the curl holds.
  • For optimal results, we recommend heat styling up to 350°F -400°F
  • Avoid heavy styling products. Products like gels, creams, and mousse will weigh down the hair and cause tangling and matting issues.
  • Place wig on a mannequin head at night to keep the style looking fresh and intact.

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