What is Real by Tacandrya Evans

What is Real by Tacandrya Evans
What is Real

True or actual,
Having verifiable existence,
Like people,
Like love,
Like life for instance,
Can it be the way that you feel,
Or the way that you deal,
Is it all in your mind,
Or do others define,
Is it trying to stay strong,
As you swallow your tears,
Or facing your fears,
And getting ten years,
Is it keeping your head high,
Is it owning mistakes,
Is it how much you give,
Or how much you make,
I'm confused,
By the news,
That people aren't real,
But they walk and they talk,
And express how they feel,
So if people are fake,
But exist,
Than it seems,
That I have no clue,
What it actually means.

Tacandrya Evans 2012
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