OptimismIC Gift Shop Custom Jewelry and Gift Baskets

OptimismIC Gift Shop Custom Jewelry and Gift Baskets
Some customizable options for jewelry and gift baskets are available upon request, such as color, size, and shapes. If you have a particular request, we can work together to make the perfect fashion piece for your wardrobe or gift basket for your special event. Each piece is individually handcrafted for you. Please allow 1-2 business days for your handcrafted piece to be designed. Email us at info@optimismic.com to set up an appointment for your custom order. Pre-assembled products that are already in stock will ship the next business day or can be picked up at our Minneapolis Location. 333 East Lake Street Minneapolis, MN 55408 More than a Wig Shop! We proudly offer Fragrance Oils, Purses, Jewelry, Clothing, Toys, Gifts for special occasions and holidays, gifts for newborns, infants, children, and cool gifts for teens, Gift Baskets, Incense, Couples Gifts and more. 612-807-2442 www.optimismic.com
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