Love Them While They're Here💙

Love Them While They're Here💙

Love Them While They're here💙

I didn't know the half of it,
What you were going through,
I tried so hard to give my love,
And half the world to you,

I thought you were just being cold,
When you would just reject it,
I didn't know your hands were full,
You just could not accept it,

I regret the way i spoke to you,
Your failures made me mad,
I'd curse at you,
And scream at you,
And make you feel so bad,

Now I see you lying there,
Asleep in heavens bed,
I just wish I could tell you,
To forget the things i said,

Now i see you lying there,
Free of all worries and pain,
I want you to know i apologize,
Cause I'll never see you again,

I never wanted anything,
Because you had nothing to give,
You only had that beautiful smile,
That in my heart still lives,

The only thing i have from you,
Are pictures soaked in tears,
And everything small you gave to me,
I kept throughout the years,

I'll never forget the fun we had,
Those years as we got old,
Now everytime i think of them,
It softly burns my soul,

You remind me of the stars,
The twinkle in your eye,
The way they turned so glossy brown,
Right before you'd cry,

I never got to tell you this,
You mean a lot to me,
Now you're just like a gliding star,
No mission,
No path,
Just free.

Tacandrya Evans 1995 Owner OptimismIC Gift Shop

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