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Love Them While They're Here💙

Love Them While They're Here💙

Love Them While They're here💙
I didn't know the half of it,
What you were going through,
I tried so hard to give my love,
And half the world to you,
I thought you were just being cold,
When you would just reject it,
I didn't know your hands were full,
You just could not accept it,
I regret the way i spoke to you,
Your failures made me mad,
I'd curse at you,
And scream at you,
And make you feel so bad,
Now I see you lying there,
Asleep in heavens bed,
I just wish I could tell you,
To forget the things i said,
Now i see you lying there,
Free of all worries and pain,
I want you to know i apologize,
Cause I'll never see you again,
I never wanted anything,
Because you had nothing to give,
You only had that beautiful smile,
That in my heart still lives,
The only thing i have from you,
Are pictures soaked in tears,
And everything small you gave to me,
I kept throughout the years,
I'll never forget the fun we had,
Those years as we got old,
Now everytime i think of them,
It softly burns my soul,
You remind me of the stars,
The twinkle in your eye,
The way they turned so glossy brown,
Right before you'd cry,
I never got to tell you this,
You mean a lot to me,
Now you're just like a gliding star,
No mission,
No path,
Just free.
Tacandrya Evans 1995 Owner OptimismIC Gift Shop
Trying by Tacandrya Evans

Trying by Tacandrya Evans


Trying to preserve my blessings
No second guessing
Trying to be better than me
Not he or she

Trying to be transparent
Trying to be sweet
Trying to be absolute
Trying to be complete

Trying to climb the levels of life
I was afraid of
Trying to avoid all the strife
Bullshit is made of

Trying to complete my journey
Finish my missions
Trying to live the rest of my days
With no revisions.

Tacandrya 2020
Business Dreams by Tacandrya Evans

Business Dreams by Tacandrya Evans

Office Supplies📠

Curl my tracks
Oil my thighs

Meeting at one🕐
Another at two🕑
One project finished
Much more to do

Praying if I'm still alive
I can retire by forty five⏳
Love my family
Try to survive

Business Dreams
Investment goals💰
Positive energy
Runs through my soul

Smile and wait😀
And finish this rhyme🎵
To pass the time❤

Tacandrya Evans

Peace of Mind by Tacandrya Evans

Peace of Mind by Tacandrya Evans

Peace of Mind- Poetry Sessions

I dropped a couple of tears one night
In honor of all the things that didn't go right
And all the things that went well
And the other things that I'd never tell
But the beauty of these tears
Allowed me to capture something
I've wanted for years
Something that was always fair
And actually
something that was always there
There in plain sight
Making sure i was straight
And i was alright
As the Sun peeks through these curtains
I know for certain
That the Journey of life is amazing.
When Poetry is Life💜

When Poetry is Life💜

Brown Sugar by Tacandrya Evans

Brown Sugar by Tacandrya Evans

Beautiful brown sugar complexion with dimples so deep you can drink kool-aid from them,
Deep as the Nile river,
And a giver,
His depth had me glued,
Wondering where i should have his name tattooed,
Silk tie around his collar,
Proclaiming he only hollers at scholars,
Charming and exquisite,
So excited by his visit,
The scent of his cologne lingers long after he leaves and the success of the meeting leaves me pleased.

Tacandrya Evans 2015
What Color is Equality by Tacandrya Evans

What Color is Equality by Tacandrya Evans

What Color is Equality

Why would they hurt me,
If I did nothing wrong,
Their facial expressions,
Were so angry,
So strong,
I couldn't understand,
The words of the man,
I just felt his power,
And the sting from his hand,

So what did I do,
To get hit with these blows,
Our bloods the same color,
Mines runs from my nose,
I don't need to ask the number you rate me,
My skin is no mask,
I'm sorry you hate me,

I don't think it's fair,
Because of my hair,
That he gets the riches,
But for me,
There's none there,

So what of my color,
So brown or so pale,
Please don't mistreat me,
Or put me in jail,

So what of my color,
So coffee or cream,
I think of being equal,
But for me,
That's a dream,

So what can I do,
To make you forgive,
My color,
My culture,
Or the way that I live,

Before the world ends,
I hope we'll be friends,
I still will be different,
But I hope I fit in.

Tacandrya Evans 1995
What is Real by Tacandrya Evans

What is Real by Tacandrya Evans

What is Real

True or actual,
Having verifiable existence,
Like people,
Like love,
Like life for instance,
Can it be the way that you feel,
Or the way that you deal,
Is it all in your mind,
Or do others define,
Is it trying to stay strong,
As you swallow your tears,
Or facing your fears,
And getting ten years,
Is it keeping your head high,
Is it owning mistakes,
Is it how much you give,
Or how much you make,
I'm confused,
By the news,
That people aren't real,
But they walk and they talk,
And express how they feel,
So if people are fake,
But exist,
Than it seems,
That I have no clue,
What it actually means.

Tacandrya Evans 2012
Images By Tacandrya Evans

Images By Tacandrya Evans

Images- Poetry  

I lay down in peace,
On a still quiet bed,
With millions of thoughts,
Displayed in my head,
Unclear why they're there,
I sit,
and I stare,
My fantasies start to take form,
I picture myself,
With glamour and wealth,
Or hidden away from a storm,
I picture a world of no displeasure,
Of Beautiful places,
Of tropical weather,
I'm trapped in a daze,
I never ask why,
Forever in thought,
As time passes by,
I sit and relax,
While sound falls behind,
Surrounded by visions,
In a world that is mine.
2001 Tacandrya Evans

Spoken Word Art By OptimismIC

Spoken Word Art By OptimismIC

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